TRAXsuite Tracking & Management Software

TRAXsuite Tracking & Management Software

Inbound mailroom parcel tracking & asset management simplified.
  • Inventory and parcel management solutions

    TRAXsuite is the perfect solution for internal parcel management for hospitals, universities, libraries, and other large organizations.

    Keep track of your inventory with ease!

  • Simplified inbound mailroom parcel tracking & asset management

    TRAXsuite’s cloud-based software enables you to define, search, and report all inbound and outbound mailroom deliveries and inventory relocations.

  • Flexible delivery methods

    Deliver packages or letters in person or designate a specific pickup location.

    Ensure proof of delivery through a signature or digital photo.

Ready to hear more about what TRAXuite can do for you?

Ready to hear more about what TRAXuite can do for you?

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Key Benefits

  • Data storage

    TRAXsuite remembers the status and location of each documented mailroom parcel, item, or letter, so you don’t have to.

  • Automated Notfications

    TRAXsuite takes care of reoccurring inbound delivery notifications through automatic workflows.

  • Modular System

    Manage and receive packages on your terms; TRAXsuite adapts to its environment.

    TRAXsuite adapts to your wishes; choose how you want to manage and receive packages.

  • Effortless & Mobile

    Add incoming packages to your database easily with one quick scan.

  • Make it Traceable

    Print recipient and delivery labels with one click for accurate package tracking and auditing.

  • Reporting Overview

    Get valuable real-time insights into the delivery performance of your organization’s mailroom. Optimize package management using analytics and reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What exactly is TRAXsuite?

    TRAXsuite is a cloud-based package management software solution that helps organizations register, track, and manage all their incoming packages. It provides full transparency and visibility into the package management process from the moment a package arrives to the moment it is picked up.

  • How does TRAXsuite work?

    TRAXsuite uses advanced scanning and notification technology to effortlessly and accurately register every incoming package and link it to the recipient.

    The system automatically sends notifications to recipients when their parcels are ready for pick-up at a designated location or via delivery.

  • Who is TRAXsuite for?

    TRAXsuite is designed for businesses and organizations of all sizes that need a streamlined solution to manage and track inbound packages.

    It is ideal for office environments, property managers, government institutions, distribution centers, hospitals, and other settings where parcels are received on a regular basis.

  • Do I need special hardware?

    TRAXsuite is a cloud-based solution that you can use via the browser. All other hardware, such as scanners and label printers, is optional.

  • How can we get started with TRAXsuite?

    To get started with TRAXsuite, all you need to do is create an account and integrate the software into your package management process. Our team is always ready to help you set up and configure the software and to answer any questions you may have.

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