March 23, 2023

Skandia insurance company and bank, located in Stockholm, Sweden, has streamlined their inbound logistics management with TRAXsuite, resulting in significant benefits. TRAXsuite was the ideal solution for Skandia’s needs, as the company was already familiar with the parent organization, FP, through their subsidiary, Azolver, which they had been using as a mailing equipment customer for a long time.

With TRAXsuite, Skandia has been able to track all of their incoming goods and notify employees upon arrival, eliminating the need for manual tracking and increasing efficiency. Approximately 1,400 employees work at Skandia’s head office, and the platform enables them to collect their packages and documents from the service desk upon receiving a message that their package has arrived. They sign for the delivery on a mobile device, making the process quick and easy.

Skandia also utilizes TRAX to notify employees of incoming letters, ensuring that no letters end up in mailboxes. This feature has been beneficial to Skandia, as it has eliminated the need for employees to manually check their mailboxes and has improved the speed of communication.

TRAXsuite integrates with Skandia’s employee registry, importing updates every night, ensuring that the platform remains up to date with current employee information.

Jonas Engström, Skandia’s operations and service manager, is pleased with TRAXsuite, stating that the platform has worked very well for the company. Engström recommends TRAXsuite, citing the platform’s constant improvements and development, which ensures that their needs are always met.

With TRAXsuite, Skandia has only had good experiences and can easily and efficiently manage their inbound logistics.


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