March 28, 2023

Stockholm University, a premier center for higher education and research in Europe, has greatly improved their mail handling operations with the implementation of TRAXsuite. The University, which was established in 1978 and has over 33,000 students and 5000 academic staff members spread across several campuses, previously relied on a pen-and-paper system to manage their incoming goods. However, with over 100 packages arriving daily, it was evident that an automated solution was necessary.

TRAXsuite was the perfect solution for Stockholm University’s needs, and it was implemented in the autumn of 2021. Currently, all incoming goods, including packages and pallets, are processed through TRAXsuite. The label printing function allows staff to sort goods for different delivery routes in an organized manner, streamlining the delivery process.

TRAXsuite is integrated with the University’s internal information system through API, ensuring that any changes to staff members are promptly synchronized with TRAXsuite. This integration ensures that the receiver register is always up to date, which eliminates the need for manual updates and improves efficiency.

In addition to managing incoming packages, TRAXsuite has also been used to track internal deliveries of exam documents, a feature that has been incredibly useful for the University.

Since implementing TRAXsuite, Stockholm University has experienced significant benefits in their mail handling operations. The platform’s advanced features have made the delivery process even smoother and more efficient. With TRAXsuite, the University has eliminated the need for manual tracking and updates, which has saved them valuable time and resources.

Overall, Stockholm University highly recommends TRAXsuite, as it has exceeded their expectations and provided them with an automated solution that greatly improves their inbound logistics management


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